PHYWorld is Celebrating 20 Days of Wellness Festival on Completion of 20 Beautiful Years of Healing. We invite you to join and be a part of it from 6 Nov – 21 Nov.

SPORTS EVENT (6 Nov-8 Nov)

  • A Talk on Sports Psychology by Dr. Mikel
  • A Talk on Sports Injury Rehab by Dr. Vandana
  • Peak Performance Assessment
  • A Talk on Biofrequency Therapy: Magic Tool for Pain Sports Performance
  • Sport Yoga (Italy) by Valentina Limetti, Italy
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Assessment of Players (By Appointment only)
  • Ananda Yoga, Energisation, Centre your mind & body for Elders


  • Cranio Sacral Energy Therapy
  • Neurobiofeedback to read your brain waves
  • Healing Relationship
  • Open House and Discussions on What an Evolved Woman Wants?
  • Free Weight Loss and Back Pain Assessments
  • Session for Biodanza

WOMAN’S WELLNESS (9 Nov – 11 Nov)

  • Concept of Biodance
  • Free Weight Loss Assessments by Weight Loss/ Cardio Specialist, Dr. Mitashi Sharma
  • Ananda Yoga (Woman’s Wellness, Energisation)
  • Biodanza
  • Medical Advice to Females with leaking of urine/ water retention
  • Sufi Swirling Biodance by Mr Scheidlberger (Last day of Booking 10 Nov)

TREAT YOUR BACK PAIN (17 Nov – 21 Nov)

  • Assessment by PHYWorld Team
  • Guided Meditation with Powerful Chants by Dr. Sharda
  • Spine Adjustments by our Skilled Manual Osteopath – Chiropractics (By Appointments only)
  • Learn self spine adjustments through Ananda Yoga by Ms Jeetender