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How to keep your lungs safe from Coronavirus?

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The Coronavirus, officially called Sars-CoV-2, can invade the body when we breathe it in or by touching a contaminated surface and then face. It first infects the cells lining the throat, airways, and lungs, then turns them keep your lungs safe from Coronavirusinto “Coronavirus Factories” that spew out a huge number of viruses that go on to infect yet more cells. As per WHO the complete clinical picture with regard to COVID-19 is still not fully clear. Current symptoms include mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough & difficulty breathing. Also can sometimes cause lower respiratory tract illness such as Pneumonia and bronchitis.

So, In the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic would like to recommend an exercise program which will strengthen the lung capacities and improve the respiratory system. This will give us the best chance of fighting the virus considering there are no any coronavirus –specific medicines at the moment.

Exercises Recommended to Fight COVID-19

  • Aerobic Exercises
    aerobics exercisePlay a significant role in enhancing the lung capacity by making large muscle groups move at a rhythmic speed. Before infection, aerobic exercises are recommended to strength then the cardiovascular health. Once infected, during the period of mild symptoms, moderate daily aerobic exercise can improve lung ventilation. Aerobic exercises benefit the immune function as well. Following are the aerobic exercises which can be done indoors-

    1. Spot Jog/ Jog In Place – Kick your knees up to your hip and move briskly on the spot.
    2. Jumping Jacks – Jump with your arms and legs out wide. It is important to keep the core engaged during this exercise.
    3. Jump Squat – Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Lift yourself up the ground from this position and land back to the same.
    4. High Knees – Quickly drive your knees up to the chest.
    5. Stationary Biking – Another type of aerobic exercise which improves lung capacity.
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
    Lung health is important, even more so with a pandemic that affects the respiratory tract. Along with maintaining hygiene and practicing social distancing, having healthy lungs will help us survive the pandemic better. If the lungs cannot expand fully, it leads to shallow breathing and decreased lung capacity. Therefore, it is important to keep them healthy by the following techniques-

      1. Diaphragmatic Breathing TechniqueDiaphragmatic Breathing Technique – Place one hand on the chest and other on the stomach. Take a deep breath, the hand on the stomach should rise. This means that one is breathing correctly. Now, when breathing out, one should again feel the hand on the stomach going down. Repeat this for three counts of each.
      2. Pursed Lip Breathing Technique – This technique involves breathing in through the nose and breathing out slowly through the mouth. Repeat this for three counts of each.
      3. Oriental Breathing Technique- Begins with simple inhaling and exhaling. Now inhale three times through the nose without exhaling. Once again inhale and raise the arms till shoulder level. Now open your arms as wide as one can and take them overhead (again inhaling) Finally, exhale as one brings back the arms to the starting position.
      4. Numbered Breathing Technique – Numbering / counting on the breath is an easy yet effective way to naturally improve lung function.
      5. Pushing Out Breathing Technique – A super power breathing exercise that gives the lungs an increased capacity to absorb oxygen. Take an upright posture and loosen the knees. Now bend down as you push out all the air from your lungs. Get back to the standing position, breathing in the air. Now fill the lungs with as much air as possible and hold the breath as long as one can. Next, extend your arm over the head and lower back to the starting position while exhaling. Perform this exercise 4 times daily.
  • Lung Strengthening Exercises.
    This includes strengthening the muscles that aid in breathing, which in turn, improves lung functioning.
    Lung Strengthening Exercises
  • Interval Training Circuit
    Best way to ease into lung exercises. The more a muscle is strengthened the longer one can sustain his breath when performing these exercises. The routine includes four exercises to be performed for 30 secs each, with a 30 sec break between two.
  • Postural Correction Exercises.
    Studies have shown that slumped sitting decreases lung capacity. So, it’s important to sit up straight to get the best lung capacity one can.

To conclude, three things that will help fight the COVID 19 pandemic are as follows:-
stay home stay safe

  • Stay Hydrated
  • Stay Active
  • Stay Indoors


Started in 1998, PHYWorld, Physical Therapy, Osteopathy and Fitness Clinic is one of the leading Physiotherapy Clinics of India.
PHYWorld introduced the concept of “Holistic Rehabilitation” in which protocols are designed intricately to bridge the gap between physiotherapy and return to work.
Know More


Covid -19 : What’s app Neck Syndrome

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Our world is being hit by a pandemic caused by coronavirus so our administration has taken various measures to keep us from this by a total lockdown due to which we all are sitting at home as it were. Those individuals who can work from home are working and some who can’t spend a long time watching mobiles and TV and this has put us on the high danger of poor stance conceivably causing us neck and low back pains and discomfort.

back & neck syndrome while staying at home

Help your neck and back to prevent from pain and discomfort, Follow these steps:

Good posture

To understand this first we should be able to differentiate what’s bad posture and what’s good posture.

    • Bad posture: slouching with shoulder forward, increase lower back curvature (lordotic curve) holding phones between shoulders and neck, holding head too tight and high, looking with more neck bending, sleeping or watching phones or television with wrong number of pillows and neck bending.
    • Good Posture :To prevent from this one should sit straight on high chair specially your dinning chair or study chair so that our foot placed flat on floor which will distribute equal weight to both the legs and back and maintaining a good neck posture by keeping ears directly above your shoulders.

Those who work on laptops can put pillow on their laps by maintaining efficient distance between screen and body with arms rested so they can work for long hours prevent from any strains to our neck and back muscles.

Postures while using phone

Changing posture and walking around regularly

Changing your posture after some work, watching television, using phone will help from putting less pressure on muscles. This will help to maintain a healthy sitting routine preventing us from neck and back pain. This change can also be done by walking few steps for 5 minutes from one room to another after every 30/40 minutes of work and if some walking television can stand and watch it by walking also for 5 minutes.

Changing posture and walking around regularly

 Shifting from small screens to big screens

People tend to bend their head forward while watching or doing some work on phones screen so holding head forward posture for prolong periods will put tremendous amount of pressure on our neck causing muscles strains and cervical related headaches .this can be explained by image showing that how much bending of neck can put pressure on our neck.

Shifting from small screens to big screens for back and neck care

So to get you protected with such problems one should shift from small screen to big screens. as it’s a smart world so most of the people using smart television sets now days so rather than watching movie on phone with wrong posture one should watch it on TV screens with proper sitting posture which will prevent our neck and back from getting affected .

At PHYWorld we have a team of trained physiotherapists who provides Back & Neck Pain Treatment in Gurgaon.


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Evacuatory Dysfunction can be described as difficulty in emptying the rectum which may happen even with frequent visits to the toilet and/ or passing soft stool.

Evacuatory dysfunction can display an array of symptoms such as prolonged repeated straining during bowel movements, a sensation of incomplete evacuation amongst others.

How can Visceral Manipulation help?

The trunk and the pelvis is a structure made up of the bony structure, the muscles and a fascial outer shell over the muscles to protect and encase all the internal organs.  Each organ is wrapped in its own pleura and is encapsulated in a little bit of fluid so it can move around or over its neighbouring organs.  If the normal pressures in the system changes or the ability of the organs to slide and move around in their closed quarters is restricted, it affects the ability of the body to perform its functions properly.


Visceral manipulation is practised by a physical therapist move and release fascial restrictions in the abdomen and pelvis to make room for the normal movement and function of the internal organs.

In a few sessions of Visceral manipulation performed by an experienced physical therapist, the patient starts to feel marked relief from the symptoms of Evacuatory Dysfunction.


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Patients with gastrointestinal disease often visit the general physical practitioner with dyspepsia and abdominal pain. The conventional take on the treatment of such complaints is often to recommend a change in diet and some prescription pills to manage the symptoms.

How does an osteopath approach the issue:

Well, the osteopathic palpatory evaluation suggests that there is an association among gastrointestinal disease, the presence of posterior midthoracic pain, and chronic headaches.
The Osteopath after thorough assessment may adopt -Visceral manipulation. Each organ has a connection and relationship to the structural parts of the body.  Any disturbance in the musculoskeletal system of the body can induce dysfunctional functioning of one or more organs of the body. Visceral manipulation is applied to your organs by gentle and specifically placed massage to encourage the body to release restrictions that cause dysfunction and pain. Once the muscular tension starts to lift, the organs start to function normally and the patient is free of the symptoms.
The manipulation helps the body to restore normal motion of the viscera thus, treating the actual underlying cause.

Craniosacral Therapy : Say goodbye to the sleep troubles!

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Craniosacral Therapy

Good sleep or the lack of it affects every system of our bodies. Our bodies use the time to de-stress, recuperate and repair, while we sleep. Continuous lack of good, uninterrupted sleep, also known as sleep disorder cycle can be managed with Craniosacral therapy.

Craniosacral therapy is to help the patient unwind and enter into a state of deep relaxation, quite similar to meditation, thus, inducing deep and sound sleep. This therapy helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, the part of our body that helps us to react to stress and puts the body to rest.

Lack of good sleep adversely affects our concentration, energy levels, appetite and tissue repair.  If the sleep disorder cycle is left unmanaged, it can result in varied chronic side effects due to the unhealthy and stressful lifestyle that it induces. Hence, it becomes imperative to regulate the autonomic nervous system to initiate the process of unwinding, clearer thinking, relaxation and sound sleep.

Healthy functioning of the autonomic nervous system is important for a healthy mind, body and spirit. By now we know deep and sound sleep is quintessential for our bodies to de-stress, relax and repair. If anyone around you is suffering from any degree of sleep disorder, Craniosacral Therapy can be the answer to their sleep troubles!


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There have been studies that suggest that acupuncture may help people with diabetes by improving the blood sugar levels, relieving the symptoms of neuropathy and much more.

Let’s find out what all acupuncture therapy can or cannot do for patients with diabetes.


Scientists who are researching the benefits of acupuncture for diabetes note that it may:

A . Help with blood glucose management

In 2018, scientist qts in China found out as to how specific acupuncture points helped improve symptoms of diabetes in rats.

The results within 3 weeks of electroacupuncture showed that the rats had:

  • lower glucose levels
  • lower glucose levels
  • improved glucose tolerance

B . Insulin sensitivity and resistance

Acupuncture has been recognized as  a valid treatment for insulin resistance and thus it is thought it could be a suitable future treatment for insulin sensitivity

The latest studies confirm that low-intensity and low-frequency electroacupuncture can help in reducing insulin resistance and increasing insulin sensitivity.

The patients could either use electroacupuncture alone or along with other treatments.

C . Helps in weight loss:

Since the therapy is known to be helpful in reducing insulin resistance and increasing insulin sensitivity, it can effectively help improve overall metabolism and thus, help reduce weight.


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Temporomandibular Joint

TMJ  is the hinge that connects the lower jawbone to the skull, allowing us to move our jawbones as we speak, eat, or yawn. The joint is supported by various muscles located under the jaw, in the cheeks, and up the temple area. These muscles then connect to the muscles in the chest and shoulders.

How is the TMJ related to headaches or even migraines?

When we have a headache, we might not think that some dysfunction in the jaw.
This dysfunction is typically called temporomandibular disorder.
The muscles of the TMJ run along your jaw and cheeks, and any tension or distraught in these set of muscles can cause pain in the temple area, headaches and even migraine.


How can Physical Therapy help?

The physical therapist can evaluate the underlying cause and start to work on it. The said muscular tension or the clenched jaw that is causing the problem can be released and the patient can start feeling better in a few sessions.


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5 Easy tips for busy entrepreneurs and professionals spending maximum time of their day at desk:

Many people who spend long hours at their desk suffer unknowingly from what is common referred to as ‘Sitting Disease’, a condition where the lipoprotein lipase enzymes in the blood vessels essentially go to sleep after 60-90minutes of inactivity. Standing, walking, fidgeting and contracting/ relaxing the muscles every hour or more seems to reactivate the sleeping lipoprotein lipase enzymes. This stimulates the metabolism. Ergonomics is the science and the art of fitting the job and the workplace to workers needs. Follow these quick and easy office ergonomic tips to decrease fatigue, discomfort and physical stress while also increasing comfort and productivity.

1. Maintain optimal posture.

  • Sit upright, but relax your back and neck muscles.
  • Move chair as close to your desk as possible.
  • Make sure to scoot your chair in every time you sit down.

2. Ergonomic station

  • Use a comfortable cushion.
  • Back rest height must be adjustable.
  • The monitor should be placed directly in front of you and at a distance of an arm length.
  • Armrests play an important role in reducing neck and shoulder strain and diminishing the likelihood of slouching forward.

3. Eat right and drink plenty of water

  • Ditch all junk food and opt for healthier food items like fruits, salad and poha./
  • Don’t skip breakfast, drink green tea.
  • Keep a water bottle at your desk and sip frequently.
  • 4. Take frequent breaks
  • 5 minute stretch and walk every hour or two will do wonders for your body.

5. Avoid eye strain

  • Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look away from your screen.
  • Take steps to control screen glare, and ensure that your monitor is not placed in front of a window or a bright background.
  • Turn on clear type in Microsoft windows XP and increase your monitor refresh rate.

6. Exercise regularly

  • Bend forward to touch your toes.
  • Bend backward
  • While sitting, do upper body rotation in your chair.
  • Shoulder shrugs.
  • Chin tucks.
  • Wall push-ups
  • Chair push-ups


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Travelling is an inevitable thing in today’s fast-paced dynamic world. We spend a considerable part of our day in commuting- be it for personal or professional reasons. Long-distance commuting is still observed in Metros as 26% public in India still travelling over 90 minutes every day. Moreover, as per a survey was taken by a travel portal points out that the average commuting length in India is 29 minutes, but a minority 12% of commuters travel more than an hour.

Apart from this Indians also take occasional vacations from their hectic work life and prefer to go out with their families which also included travelling to the desired destination. Here are a few things can ruin a vacation faster than a sore neck or back. These are some handy tips to avoid back pain from driving, sitting in a car, flying or sleeping somewhere new.

1. Motion is lotion for your body!
• Use the 30 min rule, change position.
• Take regular stretch breaks.
• Do simple exercises while seated to help keep your back from getting stiff.
2. Manage your stress.
• Don’t hesitate to ask for help, like lifting bags to an overhead compartment.
• Plan ahead
• Practice deep breathing techniques.
3. Make simple changes to prevent pain to flare up.
• Use proper support while travelling in a car
• When you are lifting heavy items off ground, use the wide stance with your feet and squat down using your legs.
• When standing in lines, keep your weight equally between both feet, shift your weight back and forth.

“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!”
– Charlee Chaplin

How simply the great comedian has explained the way to handle the pain and this is essentially true for physical pain as well. We have to be clear about what is the source of the pain and take precautionary actions to ensure that it does not affect us in daily chores of life and especially while travelling as this takes a toll on the body depending on the age, gender and physical strength and flexibility of an individual. Remember, the most important journey that we all are set on this planet is LIFE and being healthy and physically fit is what will make us enjoy it along with our co-travellers better. Wish you a happy and healthy life by PhyWorld.

6 Tips to help you avoid pain as you get your lawn and garden in tiptop shape.

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Gardening is very uplifting for both the gardener and the ones who would come in the lush green viscidity of the plants and grass on the field. Many love to spend time in their courtyards outside their homes to cultivate some flowers or to look after the lawns, yet not everyone is a trained gardener and is also not really necessary to be one. Still, it is important for you to make sure that you don’t end up hurting yourself, specifically your back while doing the work you prefer to take up in your leisure time. In the process of looking after your garden, you must not overlook your own health and the importance of taking care of yourself. You be keen to keep your back straight and must not let any jerk or shock to come during the exercise of any work you take up while gardening.

“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.”

-Helen Keller
We have many patients who come at PhyWorld for treatment and enjoy doing these outdoor activities but are worried about getting back pain flared up. Don’t let that stop you. It can be a great work to stay active if you follow a few key tips:

1. Warm up before heading outside.
• A short walk followed by a few minutes of stretching low back, arms & legs.

2. Get down on one knee to lift something from the ground.
3. Pivot, don’t twist.
4. Bend your knees, not your wrist.
5. Shuffle as you rake: Instead of keeping your feet planted and bending your back, use smaller
strokes and shuffle feet back and forth.
6. Give yourself a break.
• Change positions and take frequent breaks.

You can follow your hobby of gardening and spend a lot of time in taking care of your plants and grass only if you are capable of continuing it with joy and enthusiasm. This is possible with a set of tips shared above which are easy to follow and implement in practice with any age group.

Thumb rule to follow here is that you must not let your spine twist and turn more than what is required and your own body will give you indications about what is the permissible limit for you to stretch yourself. You shall not overindulge in the activity to harm your spine later to spend days and weeks to get it treated. At PhyWorld, we are also equipped with a Medical Gym which will let the patients know what the exact posture while doing your exercise is and what care has to be taken while doing daily practices not to let your core affected while performing daily chores of life.

Our entire focus is on maintainingthe best health matrix for all our clients and keep them in best wellness regardless of their age, gender and profession with different programs we run to facilitate each category of people.

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