back pain


Back pain is the most common medical issue which can happen to any age group and male and females are both who equally suffer from this medical problem. Back pain can be acute or it can be chronic and recurrent in which we are carrying pain since years and years. It is sad that 90% of the people think that there is no cure. But it’s not right there is a 100% treatment for back pain and back related issues, whether it is a little bit painful to intolerable pain which is hampering your day to day activities. At PHYWorld we have a team of trained physiotherapists who provides back pain treatment in Delhi.


Sciatica is a condition in which pain radiates down the leg, which can happen due to any nerve compression at the spinal cord due to disc bulge, protrusion, herniation or disc prolapsed. In this condition patient complains about pain in leg, weakness in legs, cold feet, unable to walk for 10 minutes.

Do you suffer from these symptoms?

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